Agoan Electronics

In 1991, Agoan Electronics was established as small firm with an objective to engrave its image into the business world with its hi-profile business ethics. With its consistent vision and mission of providing customers with everything they want to know about electronics and ensuring that they are making their best buying decisions, it has now become Rajasthan’s Number One Electronics store with its highly convenient showrooms.

Catering to guests of all budgets and preferences, our prolific owners Mr Neeraj Jain and Mr. Pankaj Jain with a proficient team of skilled and knowledgeable employees stay directly in contact with our associate suppliers to deliver best quality products and information to our customers.

Our perpetual mission is to constantly increase our reach by implementing best business practices of providing superior customer service, delivering high quality cum exceptional products at right prices and in the process become the first choice of every customer we serve.


Agoan Electronics believes that we are successful only when our customers are happy. Our mission is to set the highest possible standards in our services, reliability and integrity in this industry.

Founder’s Message

Mr. Padam Chand Jain

We are all challenged in the business world. We all want to create a team that leaves a legacy and is remembered for years on what we have accomplished. Be it any business, the most valuable asset of our company is always going to be customer’s trust.

I had started this as a very small enterprise with constant struggle and hard work. Today, I have my huge empire whose success wouldn’t be possible without the contribution of my family consisting customers and stalwart employees who have contributed in this incredible journey so far.

We always seek to maximize our corporate values and profits while trying to meet the expectations of our customers, suppliers, communities and employees.



Mr. Padam Jain

Mr. Padam Chand Jain (Founder)

Mr. Padam set the grounds for the Agoan Electronics. A bare minimum capital and hard work led Mr. Jain to begin his journey in building an empire. Gradually, a small shop with only brand Videocon later expanded and multiplied getting transformed into Agoan Electronics which has now multiple top brands and is one of the most successful electronics retail chains.

Mr. Padam always had positive attitude towards failures and frustrations. Not only this, but his qualities to go extra miles has made the Agoan electronics a household name.


Mr. Neeraj Jain (Managing Partner)

In the year 1991, Mr. Padam introduced his son, Neeraj Jain to Agoan Electronics. His ability of forecasting the future and bringing new ideas to the table has always taken Agoan electronics a one step closer towards achieving its goals and objectives.

With his natural ability to maintain relationships with the stakeholders and hard work has opened new doors for Agoan Electronics.


Mr. Pankaj Jain (Managing Partner)

Following the footsteps of his father and brother, Pankaj Jain joined the family business in 1993. With his deep understanding, knowledge about the market and real-life experiences he brings massive value to the firm.

The Exceptional business acumen and his risk-taking abilities comes out extremely beneficial for the company. Pankaj Jain is one of the pillars of an empire that is trusted by millions.